Genevieve’s second collection as Head of Design for Liberty Interiors, The Modern Collector celebrates Liberty’s historic appreciation of craftmanship and design.

Archival Liberty Prints have been reinterpreted and reworked, appearing alongside contemporary new artworks for the next generation of iconic Liberty Interiors.The Modern Collector is the new collection of wallpaper and fabrics from Liberty fabrics.The range brings the vibrancy of the Liberty aesthetic indoors with three design heritage pillars as inspiration: Floribunda, Art Nouveau and The Tree of Life.

The collection features manufacturing processes which have been carefully selected to bring out the character of each design. Mixing skillful design with artisanal printing and weaving techniques, the process informs the designs, and vice versa, in a perfect harmony of art and craft.The result is a collection that combines expert craftsmanship with a powerful depth of storytelling, reflecting the beauty and quality of heritage fabrics and wallpapers with a fresh and contemporary appeal.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life story is inspired by hand painted Indian Palampore textiles of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Tree of Life textiles symbolise the personal journey through nature’s life cycle, with versions of this ancient motif found all around the world. Reworked ornate archive artworks into simplified layouts enhance the striking floral motifs and patternation, complemented by new contemporary coordinate designs.

Taking inspiration from the bold colouration of mordant dyes and natural pigments. Printed on an iridescent a non-woven ground, Palampore Trail shines with subtle mineral-like lustre and rich colour, reminiscent of exquisite plant and insect dyes.

Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau story offers a continuation of our designers’ journey through collections of fantastic plants. Botanicals have always been an essential element of Nouveau design, appearing in highly stylised and sinuously exaggerated forms.The celebration of single motifs of flower and feather hearken back to the themes of medieval art, with particular favourite Nouveau icons including tulips, poppies, thistles, roses and peacock feathers.

These enduring motifs are given a fresh perspective through the use of bold scale, contemporary colour and careful selection of fabric bases – heirloom designs, reimagined for modern interiors.


The Floribunda story offers a celebration of English flowers and gardens – from the grounds of great houses like Charleston and Great Dixter, to the humble wild plants found across the British countryside. Our designers drew from Victorian flower-pressing and botanical illustrations, inspired by blueprint cyanotypes pioneered by Anna Atkins in the 1800s.

New Floribunda heroes are balanced with iconic Liberty small-scale florals such as Poppy Meadowfield and Wiltshire Blossom – initially developed for scarf designs, these perennials have been reworked into new layouts and forms for contemporary fabrics. Soft colour and lustrous surface print effects lend a rich, modern appeal.