Working from her London studio, a converted shipping container, Genevieve pairs her love of bold colour, unique pattern and tactile surface with meticulous research into historic decorative arts resulting in covetable, long-lasting pieces. She has applied her skills to a diverse range of products and is equally comfortable designing wallpaper or rugs as she is working with consumer electronics.

Every project is underpinned by a simple fascination for the transformation of a material into a design.Tradition and technology are key to Genevieve’s work: a love of process and experimentation, typically working in natural materials, and extensive manufacturing experience informs her creative use of techniques.

For over two decades, her passion and respect for heritage brands and her expertise in transforming archive material – reworking colour, design, layout, techniques – into contemporary design has resulted in the creation of timeless pieces.


After taking her Masters in Printed and Embroidered Textiles at the Royal College of Art, Genevieve worked as a consultant for eight years, designing collections of home accessories for brands such as Habitat and Wedgwood, where many of her designs becoming best-sellers. She founded her own studio in 2008, creating covetable bespoke pieces for private collectors and interior designers from across the world.