Genevieve Bennett is a London based designer. Her work references the tradition of decorative arts whilst being enabled by sophisticated technology. Driven by a love of natural luxurious materials, she applies an instinctive command of pattern and a commitment to craft to create pieces which are timelessly elegant and thoroughly contemporary.

Her aim is to create pieces which are precious, distinctive, and long-lasting.


After gaining a Masters in Printed and Embroidered Textiles at the Royal College of Art, Genevieve worked as a consultant for 8 years, designing extensive and unique collections of home accessories for brands such as Habitat and Wedgwood, with many designs becoming best sellers. In 2008 she established her own studio.

Committed to the pursuit of exploring and cross pollenating intriguing pattern, luxury materials and innovative techniques to create exquisite, covetable and lasting pieces. Genevieve aims to create pieces which reward the owner with a lifetime of quiet pleasure.

Bespoke Luxury

Genevieve derives inspiration from three-dimensional sculptural forms and surface relief, which she combines with innovative techniques and her own striking pattern. Working closely with clients to develop individual works on a commission basis. Genevieve’s signature leatherwork is used for bespoke wall-coverings, artworks, furniture and mirrors and is much sought-after by interior designers and private collectors globally. All her leatherwork work is crafted, by hand in London using the finest materials.

Unique Pattern

At the heart of her process is drawing. All designs begin as pencil sketches on tracing paper, Genevieve draws on a rich archive of pattern research collected over the past 18 years of travel and working abroad. Elementally simple, her line drawings are informed by, and express, a long love of Islamic tile, English Arts and Craft and Art Deco metalwork amongst many. Designs are crafted, distilled and refined through repeat drawing.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Voracious in her knowledge of current technology and modern production methods. The contemporary and graphic patterns are then translated into a wide variety of techniques. Some lend themselves to low relief embossed, engraved or woven forms for leather finishes and details.

Re-imagined Processes

Others are rendered as stylised pattern to be printed, embroidered or tufted for pieces such as rugs, cushions and bed linen in collections designed for international brands, and recently under her own name in a collection of hand knotted and carved luxury rugs.


Heritage influences are paired with modern production techniques. Elegantly worked and refined, simple lines are layered to create beautiful sculptural surfaces, playing with light and shadow. It is work that, with care, will take on a patina of time and use. Durable and practical as well as beautiful, they will be treasured as possessions and cherished as heirlooms.


The studio is equally committed to the unique, with a focus on bespoke commissions and commercial design collaborations. Genevieve is a respected and in demand creative partner for a burgeoning number of global brands from Mulberry to Crate and Barrel.

Please contact the studio if you are interested in collaborating with us.