Deco Leather

Hand Sculpted Leather

Strongly informed by a deep affection for both art deco couture and the pressed metal tile work used on the facades of America’s buildings from the Deco era.

 Each tile is sculpted by hand in a complex process of scoring and incising into the surface of the leather. The design is visually effective as both a tessellating repeating geometric or as a stylized placement pattern. It is contemporary elegance with a subtle historic evocation.


Timeless Elegance

The skill and knowledge that informs all of Genevieve’s work ensures that each piece is a powerful and versatile graphic device. Great care goes into the design to enable versatile and effective tessellation and repeat work. The almost organic flexibility means the designs can respond perfectly to architectural form.

Bespoke Interpretations

 How the motifs are configured is entirely at a client’s desire. Philosophically, this extends the creative process to involve the owner. This, to Genevieve, makes perfect sense. Motifs can be single colour. Alternatively for more dramatic results, several colours of leather can be used. The choice, and contrast, of colours can completely alter the visual effect.

Understated Pattern

The discretely luxurious detail incorporated into bespoke joinery applications such as doors, headboards and wall coverings lends a deep and durable beauty to a privileged environment.

Private Residence - Shanghai

Sculpted Leather Wall Panels

A commission by a private client for their extensive residence in Shanghai. Genevieve responded to their space and created a large and imposing piece in a beautiful bespoke grey vegetable tanned leather to add drama and elegance to their main living space. The artwork is composed of several large panels which are joined together to cover an entire wall with dramatic effect.

Bespoke Design

These were applied in an organic scatter pattern over two large panels of 10 sq m each. The panels were comprised of smaller, precision joined, pieces.

Custom Colour

Using a stately, sombre grey leather uniquely created for the client it assumes a soft yet dramatic effect.