Damask Leather

Hand Sculpted Leather

The exquisite woven silks of 18th century Europe were the inspiration. A delicate trailing filigree entwined with floral motifs is interpreted with a contemporary hand.  Damask works in repeat as a beguiling continuous trail. It is equally effective and charming arranged in clusters.

Intricacy and Harmony

The excitement of creative pursuits is the allure of the unexpected result. The unique is a rare luxury. Damask, like all of Genevieve’s work, is a creative element ready to be evolved. The material, colour, scale and configuration are all critical factors in turning every commission into a unique piece.

Damask also works beautifully in soft neutral coloured leathers. The discretely luxurious detail incorporated into bespoke joinery applications such as doors, headboards and wall coverings lends a deep and durable beauty to a privileged environment. It’s practical qualities make it equally suitable for private residential, hospitality and commercial projects.

 As people begin to reject the mass produced and homogenous there is a growing awareness of the luxury of the unique. Off the shelf convenience is a small sacrifice compared to the delight in creating and owning something that is truly one of a kind.