Embossed Leather

Genevieve’s long fascination with Art Deco wrought iron railings is clearly revealed. The pattern, though fundamentally geometric and repeating in its nature, has a softness and gentle flow to it through the use of curved lines of varied thicknesses, decorative dot detailing and the simple stylized floral motif. The pattern is embossed into thick leather creating a richly textured and luxurious wall covering.



Engraved Leather

The design can also be engraved into the leather for a cleanly defined graphic effect.

Timeless Elegance

The colour, and contrast, of the engraved line varies depending on the leather colour selected. Light coloured leathers reveal a bolder definition whilst darker leathers produce a more subtle tonal statement.

Luxury Materials

Starflower engraved can be used as a surface detail for furniture, walls, bar fronts and doors. A quiet gesture of luxury for both commercial and residential spaces.

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