Hand Sculpted Leather

Curiously inspired by the surprisingly delicate geometry of metal machine cogs. Carefully evolved, the intricate form becomes a versatile and inspiring graphic device. As the surrounding detail is sculpted and intricately faceted a beauty emerges. The aggresively functional becomes delightfully decorative. Arranged in overlapping clusters, the cogs become unexpectedly reminiscent of floral life. Created in beautiful, durable leather, the tiles are as practical as they are indulgently desirable.

Boutique Hotel Philadelphia

Sculpted Leather Doors

A very cool boutique hotel in one of America’s truly great cities. Cog is a surprisingly delicate and lovely pattern. Using a stately, sombre grey belting leather it assumes a formidable power. A total of approximately 32 sq metres of the leather is precision cut and formed. The pieces are bonded, meticulously, directly to a pair of doors in the reception are. The scale, colour and texture make it an almost intimidating expression. The Cog pattern ensures it is, however, very pretty.