Braid & Bloom Collection

September 2018

Inspired by the masters of Art Deco ornamental metalwork – Edgar Brandt and Albert Rateau, the new collection explores a love of detail and tactile surface, in metal and leather. Flawless brass is meticulously cut and etched – creating a highly detailed exquisite patterning which responds beautifully to light. Precisely engineered outlines of solid metal hold sculpted leatherwork. Premium Italian leather is carved deeply to respond to light and shadow. The contrast between the imposing form and material of the metalwork and the gentle tactility of the leather creates a truly unique and contemporary aesthetic.

Six elements – Leather, brass, wool, silk, pewter and glass.

Ten colours – metallic midnight blue, deep forest green, ink and emerald. Dove grey, smudged rose, putty and metallic blush. Cream and platinum.

The collection consists of art panels and screens, mirrors and rugs. A series of objects kept intentionally limited.

Bloom Leather Collection

Sculpted Leather & Etched Brass

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Bloom Mirror Collection

Etched Brass

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Braid Leather Collection

Sculpted Leather

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Braid Mirror Collection

Woven Leather & Metal

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Braid Rug Collection

Hand Knotted Wool & Silk

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